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Pure Rinse™ Remove detergent residues and fragrances that can irritate skin with Pure Rinse™ which rinses cleaner than the extra rinse option without using more water. Optic Whites™ Cycle Keep your white clothing and linens looking newer longer with an Optic Whites™ cycle which prevents the redeposit of dirt and other residues, keeping whites whiter than the normal cycle with bleach. SmartBoost Unlike other washers, this washer with SmartBoost premixes water and detergent before the cycle begins, maximizing the cleaning power of the detergent, giving clothing a longer life. 15-Minute Fast Wash Quickly deep clean the items you need most. LuxCare Plus Wash System The LuxCare Plus Wash System offers a thorough clean with even distribution of detergent and additives, improved wash actions, temperature control and smart load sensing. StainSoak™ Unlike other washers, StainSoak starts by premixing water, detergent, and stain remover before the cycle begins to create a powerful, yet gentle cleaning solution. Then, the temperature, tumbling actions, and time are optimized based on the stain you sele Sanitize setting Certified to kill and remove 99% of bacteria. Allergen option Remove 95% of allergens from your clothing, towels and bedding with an NSF-certified Allergen option. Adaptive Dispenser™ Get the ultimate clean no matter what type of detergent you prefer with the Adaptive Dispenser™. Perfect Steam™ Perfect Steam™ rises from the bottom, gently lifting dirt and stains from fibers. Hand Wash cycle Confidently wash even your most delicate items with the Hand Wash cycle which uses a gentler washing motion than the delicates cycle. Extended Refresh Adds a rinse and spin after the wash cycle to keep garments fresh until you can switch them to the dryer. Automatic Water-Level Adjustment Washer automatically modifies water levels to amount of clothes in unit.

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