About Us

In 1932, during the Depression, Ben Mazer was broke and out of work. A friend in the real estate business asked him to tear down a house to make room for a new building. Ben wrecked the house and salvaged the lumber, doors, windows, and plumbing fixtures. In a short time, he sold these used materials so that he was able to support his family for the next couple of months. At that point, he began to look for other buildings to wreck, and he soon became a wrecking contractor with jobs all over Alabama.

In selling the salvaged materials from wrecking, Ben saw the opportunity to sell other items such as paint, drywall, and nails, which could not be salvaged from wrecking. This operation became a full-line building supply in Avondale, Mazer Lumber Company, run by Ben's youngest son, JB.  JB expanded the business to include closeouts and insurance salvage deals emphasizing homeowner and remodeler products. For decades, Mazer's was like a 12 acre combination of Home Depot and Big Lots long before those companies were invented.

JB's son, Mike, came into the business and soon furniture and appliances were added to our housing products mix.  A second superstore was purchased in Homewood and Mazer Discount Home Centers grew to be the largest independent furniture and appliance dealer in Central Alabama.  In 2011, the severe and prolonged housing recession led to the closing of the furniture and appliance campus in Homewood. With the return of Mazer Appliance, Inc. to Avondale and with www.mazer.com online, this homegrown company can continue its mission to offer the best appliance values anywhere.