Warranty & Returns

All Scratch & Dent appliances come with a limited manufacturer's warranty that covers any functional problems for one year and excludes cosmetic repairs.Anything boxed (Closeout and New In Box) have a normal factory warranty.

Mazer Appliance and our vendors stand behind what we sell. If things don't work out with your appliance(s), we offer the following timelines and localities of support.

  1. Problems occur within 2 weeks of purchase:
    • You picked your appliance up in-store: Bring the appliance back for retesting. If we see any functionality compromised, we will swap it out or give you full credit.
    • You paid for local delivery within 75 miles of Birmingham, AL: We will send a technician out to repair, replace or advise on installation issues
    • You bought online and received a freight shipment outside our 75 mile track: you will need to call for service using the manufacturer's warranty (listed in next bullet point), and schedule repairs.
  2. Problems occur after 2 weeks, but within 1 year of purchase anywhere in the US: The Manufacturer's warranty will cover parts and labor. This applies to all customers local or outside 75 miles.
  3. You bought an Extended Warranty, and problems occur after the 1st year, but within 5 years of purchase: Epic Protect covers all Mazer products in every US state except California and Florida, and is recommended by our national buying group, Nationwide Marketing Group. After the manufacturer's warranty expires, customers can file a claim by calling 1-800-452-3599 24/7/365.


All merchandise have a 7 day return policy. Delivery, installation and all other services are non-refundable. Return freight will be deducted out of refund. 20% restocking fees may apply if further damage occurs.