Fridge w/ Ice: Parts + Labor
Raughley Transfer

Fridge w/ Ice: Parts + Labor

To buy a warranty or local delivery, navigate to the appliance product page that you want to purchase it for, and add it to your cart from there. Below is a description of this service:

Delivery Teams Will:

-Unpack, level and test

-Install optional icemaker before delivery. Additional charge for complete ice hookups.

-Reverse doors

-Partial hookup of Ice maker (to 1/4" copper value behind unit) using Mazer’s purchased waterline.

-Haul away old unit on a one for one basis or move old unit within the home

-Run a water line for an additional cost of $99.99.


Delivery Teams Will Not:

-Make modifications to baseboards, moldings, counters or cabinets to make units fit.

-Move cabinets

-Lift or hoist refrigerators over cabinets and counters or over banisters.

-Hook to PVC or galvanized pipe water line

-Shut off main water service to the home.

-Run new water line longer than the 5’ line provided.

-Connect to sizes of waterlines or valves other than ¼”.

-Plug into an ungrounded (2 prong) outlet.

-Enter crawl space or attics to access shut off valves.